MLM List Creator and MLM Memory Jogger with ROMAR

The MLM List Creator and MLM Memory Jogger with ROMAR mobile application is a tool EVERY new AND seasoned Network Marketer needs.

As an Upline, it is the PERFECT tool to prove who is coachable. Teach them to grab this app, set you as the upline, and the app will report to you on your enrolees progress making their MLM warm market contact list!! You can then prioritize working with those that are coachable! Time Efficiency!

As a person new to an MLM Company, this MLM Mobile app helps you create your MLM warm market contact list. You may never call the people on the list, but this app will help you find if any ARE WORTH a call, AND allow you work closely with your upline in order to ensure success! Create your MLM warm contact list, Rank your MLM contact list, and get your top 30 MLM prospects to contact with the help of your Upline.

MLM List Creator with ROMAR. (Record of My Activities Report)  Your downline can easily track each 3-way call, Social Media Reachout, 2 on 1, hotel presentation etc. they do throughout the day, and can have the app notify their upline with a daily summary as well for accountability.

Imagine, as an upline, how great it would be to know which team members to prioritize based upon real activity!  True accountability for yourself and YOUR TEAM!

MLM List Creator and MLM Memory Jogger with R.O.M.A.R


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MLM Survey App

The MLM Survey App is the ultimate New Prospect generating tool for those with more time than money! A simple survey you can do on any busy street corner to find qualified prospects. It can be used at any "Speed Networking" event to break the ice and assess interest in home based business. It can be used for calling off of lists. It can be used for a conversations piece that leads to a nice easy way to assess the interest level of anyone you come into contact with 3 footing!

The app tracks how many you tried to survey, how many agreed to be surveyed, and how many turned into leads. Do you have 60 seconds to answer a few questions?

Very simple app, the power is in the order and content of the questions, and the instructions on how to get the maximum results based upon how you dress, how you stand, singles or doubles, parked car or No parked car!

Couple this with the Automatic Prospecting system and become an unstoppable force in MLM.


Android app on Google Play Download Apps MLM Auto Prospecting System ( MLM Auto Prospecting Mobile Application and MLM Web Application will help you build a big team in MLM with the appropriate income to match in an Hour A Day!

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Sales Funnel, Business Card Transcriptions, Contact Manager, Automated Email Follow up, Email Campaigns, Squeeze Surveys, Twitter List Curation tool, and much more, all in ONE integrated suite of tools.

Experience the convenience of having all your Leads organized NOT IN YOUR PHONEBOOK eliminating a phone book bloated with prospects that never go anywhere.


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The MLM Survey Lead Generator application is my favourite, now I can prospect people on my smoke break!

Peter V.

This MLM List Creator application is fantastic. I use it as my test to see if a new member is truly going to be coach-able and if they are worth my time. If they buy it an use it and get me a top 30 list, I know I need to clear the decks to help them. Fantastic productivity tool, saves me an hour or more of training per new member!!

Craig P.