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HourADay.com is dedicated to FREE Training and Support to MLM Members in a NON Denominational way. We will NEVER prospect you for an MLM and the reason why, is we are owned by Internetnextstep.com Consulting Ltd., one of the top 5 MLM Software producers in the world.

We do not care what race, or color you are, OR what MLM company you are with. We are here to help you achieve your MLM dreams in an HOUR A DAY, by diligently working on your MLM and eliminating "Busy Work", and utilizing great software tools to keep your efforts HIGHLY efficient.

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We will share with you how to use great tools to amplify your efforts like the HourADay.com Auto-Prospecting System and Advertising Co-Op, or Time Saving and MLM Business Building Mobile Applications like MLM LIst Creator with ROMAR (Record of my Activities Report) or the MLM Survey App.

We are full of Tips, Tricks, and MLM Training that can truly help you build your residual income in ANY MLM with a consistent HourADay of effort over 12 to 24 months.

The HourADay.com MLM Auto-Prospecting System is one of the most advanced Prospecting Systems available today.

We offer a 30 day Free Trial and NO, you do not need a credit card to have a play, if we do not generate sufficient value, simply do NOTHING and it all goes away. (how is that for abnormal in the crazy MLM and Social Media tools marketplace!)


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The iPhone and Android application is a simple interface to your Full HourADay.com AutoProspecting System. You can get the iPhone and Android application for FREE, and you can try it Risk Free for 30 days, but to keep using it you will need an active HourADay subscription. (you will be offered this after your trial runs out, it is just $29.99/month) Experience the convenience of having all your Leads organized NOT IN YOUR PHONEBOOK eliminating a phone book bloated with prospects that never go anywhere.

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Free MLM Training

Free weekly MLM Training brought to you by 2 $Million Dollar annual Earners, Craig Peloqin and Dennis Wilson. You will NOT be prospected for any MLM during our trainings. If you attempt to name drop your company or URL or webinar or products or antying else to identify your MLM to the group, you will be banned for life. This is a safe haven to learn how to make MORE money in YOUR MLM, and create Mentoring relationships, NOT prospecting relationships.

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