MLM Mastermind - How to become a leader



Learn how to take your MLM Business to the next level and become a leader!

Form Mentoring relationships with other networkers you run across who are focused. Make friends first.

Don't make guests or sidelines feel your presentations are closed or full of inside jokes and inside recognition, keep things professional.

Duplication is a Double Edged Sword!

Do the things you are taught, so you can teach the things you were taught. Use the corporate tools to keep it duplicate-able!

Qualify the people you talk to and enroll, and hold them accountable. Be coachable yourself and learn to be a coach.

Third party validation is critical. 75% maximum time working with your downline, you have to stay active and sponsor at least one a month. Speed of the leader.

Attend all events/webinars/conf calls so your team does the same. ENGAGE!

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